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Microcrystalline mica machinable ceramics

Microcrystalline mica machined ceramics is a kind of composite polycrystalline material composed of synthetic fluorophlogopite microcrystalline and glass phase, because of the good cleavage property of fluorophlogopite, it has good mechanical machinability, and can be processed, such as lathing, milling, planning, grinding, drilling, cutting, tapping, and achieved high precision without heat treatment.

The material has excellent insulation performance and has the characteristics of no porosity, high and low temperature resistance, heat resistance impact and no deflating.

Microcrystalline mica machinable ceramics

Main properties:

Magnetic susceptibility


Bulk density


Dielectric constant


Knoop hardness


Power frequency breakdown strength


Usage temperature range


Bending strength


coefficient of thermal expansion


Modulus of rupture


Thermal conductivity


Impact toughness




Application range:

Microcrystalline mica has been widely used in the fields of nuclear energy, high vacuum insulation of microwave, high precision non-magnetic structure frame in aviation, aerospace and electronic instrument, Ultra-high voltage insulation in electric motor and other fields, as well as structural components in strong corrosion environment. Because of its easy processing characteristics, it can also replace alumina and boron nitride ceramics that is difficult to process.

Main specifications:

Square rod : 8×8mm;10×10mm;15×15mm;20×20mm;25×25mm, length up to350mm .

Round bar : Φ5~Φ75mm,75mm in length; Φ80~Φ180mm,30~100mm in length.

Flat plate: various sizes available according to requirements of user

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